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The GazeBox
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The GazeBox

The GazeBox is a modern alternative to the traditional garage – a “revolutionary, foldable cover system”. Designed in Italy, the structure provides shelter for your car from all the elements and also from animals and birds, but unlike a normal garage, with its special anti-UV panels, it can also be used as a gazebo when the car isn’t inside it. Putting up a GazeBox wouldn’t require the same permits as building a new garage, so it’s an easier solution, and also looks pretty cool – you can incorporate coloured lights or choose different finishes to make the GazeBox fit in with your home and surroundings. It’s available in 5 different sizes, or can be ordered to measure, and you can even get air conditioning, an alarm, or solar panels on request. Go to the GazeBox website to find out more.

Gazebox_feeldesain_01 Gazebox_feeldesain_02 Gazebox_feeldesain_03 Gazebox_feeldesain_04 Gazebox_feeldesain_05 Gazebox_feeldesain_06 Gazebox_feeldesain_07 Gazebox_feeldesain_08 Gazebox_feeldesain_09 Gazebox_feeldesain_10 Gazebox_feeldesain_11 Gazebox_feeldesain_12 Gazebox_feeldesain_13 Gazebox_feeldesain_14 Gazebox_feeldesain_15

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