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The best April Fools jokes by Google
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The best April Fools jokes by Google

The 1st of April is always a wonderful day on the web, and here are the best of search engine giant Google’s efforts:


Smartbox by Inbox by Gmail

The smartbox is essentially a physical mailbox which brings you all the benefits of an online mailbox, including motion detection, automatic folder storage, and a digital touchpad. Oh, and you can carry it around with you and use it like a computer. Watch the video below to find out more about this “upcoming” service for Inbox by Gmail customers. Of course, you can reserve your place on the Smartbox waitlist, but only today, on April 1st.



Backwards Google, as you might expect, displays absolutely everything backwards. If you want to yrt, you can visit Elgoog here. (and yes, even the domain is backwards)



Chrome Selfie

Google Chrome on smartphones is giving you the chance this April 1st to react to news, clips, or articles with… a #ChromeSelfie. They “claim” that it’s the best way to show your friends how you really feel about hearing that particular news, and will save you valuable time by allowing you to directly take a shot of yourself rather than exiting the app, taking a photo, and then sharing with your friends – after all, a selfie is a much better way to share your reaction than “cumbersome text”, right?



Pac Man on Google Maps

Finally, for those of you looking for procrastination opportunities, Google has brought Pac Man to Google Maps, so you can play the iconic game in the familiar streets around your home, or indeed anywhere in the world. Google has even made a set of cryptic clues so you can learn where the best spots to play are.

AprilFools_feeldesain_03 AprilFools_feeldesain_04

Well played, Google.


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