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The $600 million hotel with wings
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The $600 million hotel with wings

If travelling coach isn’t your cup of tea and even business class leaves a lot to be desired, maybe you’d love to have your very own private Boeing 747… and it would only set you back an estimated 600 million dollars. This private jet was converted by Greenpoint Technologies from a passenger plane which used to carry 450 passengers, and is now essentially a luxury hotel with wings. It features an opulent suite, a couple of guest bedrooms, its own restaurant, an office and several lounge areas to allow you to relax in peace during the flight. One thing is sure – you wouldn’t be going back to economy after travelling on this plane.

Boing747_feeldesain_01 Boing747_feeldesain_02 Boing747_feeldesain_03 Boing747_feeldesain_04 Boing747_feeldesain_05 Boing747_feeldesain_06 Boing747_feeldesain_07 Boing747_feeldesain_08 Boeing 747 As $600 Million Private Jet Boing747_feeldesain_10 Boing747_feeldesain_11

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