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Tempescope | Ken Kawamoto
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Tempescope | Ken Kawamoto

Sadly, it’s pretty unlikely that any of us will ever have a crystal ball to predict the future, but the Tempescope isn’t far off. Designed by software engineer and inventor Ken Kawamoto, it’s a little box that can physically show you the weather forecast based on meteorological taken from the Internet. The Tempescope can replicate sun, clouds, rain, and even tropical thunderstorms, breaking the barrier between digital and real life and allowing you to keep tomorrow’s weather on your desk. The bad news? You can’t buy one just yet. However, the team behind the Tempescope are working on a crowd funding campaign which should be out soon. If you can’t wait, there’s an Open Source version (the OpenTempescope) which you can use to make your own. Visit the Tempescope website to find out more.

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