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Taxi Dermy
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Taxi Dermy


Taxi-Dermy is a series of lenticular prints of cars and insects transforming into one another by designer Joe Jin.
The Toronto-based artist uses aerial stock photos of his subjects, coupling colorful insects with their equally vibrant vehicular doubles. In this series, the beetle is both the creepy-crawler and the automobile.

The idea for the project stems from the world’s growing population and evolution into a giant metropolis. This shift into urban environments segues into the construction of more and more skyscrapers, leaving residents to gaze down at the moving traffic of dots. Jin took note of the uncanny resemblance of these whizzing vehicles from afar to insects zipping by. The series presents an aerial viewpoint, one that the designs describes as “a playful acknowledgement of this new reality that we, along with the residents of most other major metropolitan cities, now find ourselves in.”

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