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Tasty typography | Becca Clason
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Tasty typography | Becca Clason

Becca Clason is a Utah based typography artist who’s created a huge range of fun typography projects. We’re greedy though, so we particularly love her food typography. For these projects, she uses all kinds of ingredients, both sweet and savoury, to make fun and edible lettering in various different styles. We’re amazed how detailed her designs are considering the difficulty of working with food. Becca has even delved into the world of recipe writing through typography, and you can find a couple of recipes here. You can take a look at all her food lettering, as well as her other projects on her website.

FoodTypography_feeldesain_01 FoodTypography_feeldesain_02a FoodTypography_feeldesain_02b FoodTypography_feeldesain_03 FoodTypography_feeldesain_04 FoodTypography_feeldesain_05 FoodTypography_feeldesain_06 FoodTypography_feeldesain_07 FoodTypography_feeldesain_08 FoodTypography_feeldesain_09 FoodTypography_feeldesain_10 FoodTypography_feeldesain_12 FoodTypography_feeldesain_13 FoodTypography_feeldesain_14 FoodTypography_feeldesain_15 FoodTypography_feeldesain_16 FoodTypography_feeldesain_17 Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

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