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Street Advertising Takeover

Artisti di strada a Madrid hanno deciso di affrontare 106 piazze e le loro fermate del pullman e di sostituire gli spazi pubblicitari con nuovi messaggi pubblicitari. Un’idea geniale subito recensita da PublicAdCampaign. Des artistes de rue à Madrid ont...

Nike: Be Free

By enlisting photographer Denis Darzacq and director Barnaby Roper, Nike has created an incredible campaign for the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection MORE ADVERTISING HERE! MORE ADVERTISING HERE! MORE ADVERTISING HERE! MORE ADVERTISING HERE!

Dirty Water UNICEF campaign

Have a look at this creative and humorous UNICEF campaign made to provide clean water to children around the world. You can chose between malaria, cholera, typhoid, etc. on this vending machine. And the point is to raise awareness with...

Mosquitos attacking billboards

In warm summer nights mosquitos are hated and highly annoying, especially at night when they get attracted by the lights inside and around apartments. Well, that is exactly what happened on these billboards, except that these mosquitos are fake. Yet...

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