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Tag – We’re It | Lisa Kaselak & Lee Billington
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Tag – We’re It | Lisa Kaselak & Lee Billington

Tag: We’re It by Lisa Kaselak and Lee Billington

“Tag, We’re It” uses new augmented reality technology to explore the relationship between data, memory and aesthetics. The intention behind the installation was to craft an artistic experience that required dynamic interaction between creator and participant. Artists Lisa Kaselak and Lee Billington used Microsoft Tags, a type of2D barcode, as an entry point into interactivity. Tags are traditionally boxed into frames, however for this project the artists broke that convention and removed the confines of the box, in an effort to create greater meaning with the contents.

The installation, using digital projectors, projects a sea of seamless Tags on walls, creating a floating field of identical black droplets that provide a visual referent to binary. Each Tag contains a pre-­‐recorded video memory. As visitors enter the space, they are provided a frame which will transform the droplets into a scannable Tag and, using their smartphone, they can then access any one of a hundred memories.

Over 400 people attended the first showing, held at Flatbed Press on November 4th and 5th, 2011. Flatbed Press has extended the installation for two additional weeks through the E.A.S.T. Austin studio tour.

The installation is sponsored by:
SMU Center for Creative Computation Austin Film Festival
Shalini Ramanathan & Chris Tomlinson Melissa Ladd
Microsoft Corporation

Lisa Kaselak is a filmmaker and digital artist whose work mixes experimental and traditional storytelling techniques to explore social and environmental issues. She is a Professor at Southern Methodist University where she teaches film production and convergent media. Lee Billington is a Creative Director and designer specializing in interactive design. He is also the co-­‐founder of Fireside Apps, an online venture with a focus on increasing civic engagement.

Photos and words: Courtasy of Lisa Kaselak

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