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Surreal Skyscrapers to Iranian Villages By Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar
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Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar introduces a new photomontage series in the ‘retrofuturism’ collection, where he depicts imaginary skyscrapers within the arid context.

In traditional Iranian architecture and imagines there’s a lack of verticality, so Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar experiments how tall buildings would look as if designed with the vernacular style.

The artist places tall buildings in typical Iranian cities and villages. Within a horizontal texture, the skyscrapers stand out and can be seen from miles away. The old architecture of Iran retains its historical identity yet enters the vertical aesthetic of modern skyscrapers and surreal shapes.

With the new series, the designer aims to ‘return to the future’. Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar seeks to introduce ideas of historical architecture into a new, more modern world. The muted tones and pastel hues give the images a surreal feeling, creating an architectural mirage in the middle of the desert.

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