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Blending Fashion and Tech with Courant Wireless Chargers
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We are always looking for cool gadgets and tech for the office, not only for designers, but for all of you who love to find the latest technology to use and test!

Take a closer look at Courant’s collection of chic pebble-grain Italian leather clad wireless charging pads. All products are elegant, colorful and functional.

For their Spring/Summer 2019 collection Courant introduced two new colorways: the pale hue of Pacific Blue to evoke the vibes of Los Angeles, and Dusty Rose, in honor of the classic Parisian style.

The wireless charging pads by Courant we tried out are the CATCH:1 and
CATCH:3. The CATCH:1 is a square shaped charger, while the CATCH:3 is rectangle and basically an extension of the single pad design. It features a wider surface area with the charging pad on one side, and an accessories compartment for jewelry, watch, or wallet on the other. The products come from the world of luxury fashion – they are high quality, and have their own distinct style. Every piece is covered by premium pebble-grain Italian leather, with a high- grade matte aluminum body on the sides and base of the products.

The largest of the chargers, CATCH:3, also features an extra USB port to power up other devices that aren’t blessed with wireless charging. Otherwise, we can also connect the CATCH:3 with CATCH:1, which allowed us to charge two devices at once.

Courant’s products are aesthetically beautiful to look at and give a touch of elegance to your office or living space. Each item is compatible for both Apple and Android devices. Here you can find the complete list.

Lastly, how long does it take to full charge a smartphone? We tried to charge an iPhone X with the CATCH:3 and within one hour it was full and ready to be used. Shop the products here: with our discount code STAYFEELDESAIN (this will offer $20 off your order!)

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