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Stunning environment in Abu Dhabi
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Stunning environment in Abu Dhabi

As part of a royal event in Abu Dhabi, Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi was tasked with the creation of an immense environment of architectural elements built from wire. The installation was designed and built over a period of 3 months in collaboration with Dubai-based studio Designlab Experience and it is envisioned as a garden, where architecture and nature meet.

Living trees and greenery become organic interruptions amid the luminous display of meshed material. Using the transparency of the wire as a ‘filter’, Tresoldi cuts the classical sculptures with geometric elements, such as spheres, cubes, and planes. This fusion of classical and modernist languages generates a series of spatial volumes, each creating a continuous evolution of architectural abstractions and ephemeral distortions.

Following its installation at the royal event, various parts of the artworks will be re-installed separately in universities, museums and parks across the UAE capital.

Photography by  Roberto Conte

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