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Street Art Album Covers
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Street Art Album Covers

A couple of graffiti inspired album covers found on the internet. I must say, I am pretty disappointed in the lack of cover work, I was hoping to find tons but it couldn’t. I know there must be more and I just didn’t find them, but hopefully this can inspire folks to involve street art culture more into more facets of commercial work, especially album artwork. Nonetheless, enjoy.

Madonna “Celebration” by Mr. Brainwash

Kanye West “808s and Heartbreak” by Kaws

Biggie Duets by Elizabeth Rosen

The Carter Family Reunion by Retna

Cover Work by Patrick Martinez

Lupe Fiasco “Lasers” by Andrew Zaeh

Kanye West “Graduation” by Takashi Murakami

Very Best of Billy Idol by Shepard Fairey


By Erica Balon

Jayz “Blueprint 3” by Dan Tobin Smith

Cover Art by Diego L Rodriguez

By Diego L Rodriguez

Chris Brown “Fame” by Ron English

Miles Davis “Bitches Brew” Artist Unknown


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