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SNOOP PROJ by Rocco Malatesta

Limited of 200 signed and numbered.

• Hand-finished with acrylic paint.
• Each print is different from the other one and has unique characteristics.


batman HAND FINISHED POSTERS by Rocco Malatesta


This genuine art paper made of 100% cotton presents textured surface and offers a unique “touch and feel” experience – the Hahnemühle 4th dimension. A special coating permits high quality printing.


darth HAND FINISHED POSTERS by Rocco Malatesta


• Hand-finished with iridescent green acrylic paint.


burns HAND FINISHED POSTERS by Rocco Malatesta

Schermata 2013-01-16 a 12.04.27

Schermata 2013-01-16 a 12.04.37


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