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Sliders Scooter Bike
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Sliders Scooter Bike

Sliders is somewhere in between a bike and a push scooter. Designed by a group of Taiwanese entrepreneurs, the scootable bicycle was created to help people to move around in busy city streets. The group found that the optimum speed for exploring a city was 8km/h, so designed a way of travelling which is easier than a bike to manage in a crowd, but also allows you to get where you’re going faster than you’d arrive on foot. Naturally, it also works in the same way as a regular bicycle if you’re seated. The design is also foldable so it can fit in a taxi, or be easily stored once you arrive at your destination. Find out more on the Sliders site or Kickstarter page.

FoldableBike_feeldesai_01 FoldableBike_feeldesai_02 FoldableBike_feeldesai_03 FoldableBike_feeldesai_04 FoldableBike_feeldesai_05 FoldableBike_feeldesai_06 FoldableBike_feeldesai_07 FoldableBike_feeldesai_08 FoldableBike_feeldesai_09 FoldableBike_feeldesai_10

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