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SketchyNotebook | Tim Tu
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SketchyNotebook | Tim Tu

Based in Taipei City, Taiwan, Tim Tu was frustrated with having to keep several notebooks for his different projects—so he decided to create the “SketchyNotebook”, which he claims is “the most versatile notebook and sketchbook ever”.
Combining the various type of notebooks and sketchbooks into one, the SketchyNotebook consists of a blank notebook with 240 pages, a set of templates and a pair of rulers/bookmarks. The profession-specific templates allow creatives to work in their desired format—for instance, the graphic designer template feature an isometric grid while the film-maker template is organised by frames.


In addition to graphic designers and film-makers, there are also templates that are designed for journalists, website designers, mobile apps designers, and interior designers or architects. Simply place the template under the page you are working on—which is thin enough for the template to show through—and get to work. This brilliant system means that your notebook is now multi-purpose.


SketchyNotebook_feeldesain_01 SketchyNotebook_feeldesain_02 SketchyNotebook_feeldesain_03 SketchyNotebook_feeldesain_04 SketchyNotebook_feeldesain_05 SketchyNotebook_feeldesain_06 SketchyNotebook_feeldesain_07 SketchyNotebook_feeldesain_08 SketchyNotebook_feeldesain_09 SketchyNotebook_feeldesain_10 SketchyNotebook_feeldesain_11 SketchyNotebook_feeldesain_12



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