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Seville’s Casaplata restaurant is inspired by Giorgio Morandi
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Spanish studio Lucas y Hernández-Gil developed both architecture, furniture and graphic design for Seville’s Casaplata restaurant. The inspiration came from the subdued paintings of artist Giorgio Morandi when creating the greyscale interiors of this restaurant.

Casaplata is located in the city centre, and belongs to a pair of young restaurateurs who had wanted to open a new food and cocktails spot in Seville.

The Spanish studio wanted to bet on the concept of future, avoiding nostalgia: they stripped the space, only keeping the existing floors intact and coating the rest of the walls in concrete. They then erected a partition wall that is punctuated by a large porthole. It looks through to a separate dining area, which is centred by a long timber dining table and butter-yellow chairs.

As Georgio Morandis still lives lives this project can be defined as some strong color pieces that stand out over a silver gray atmosphere. All these with the aim of reinforcing the gastromical experience by blurring the lines of the environment to focus on what is within reach.

On this underdone stage appear vaporous furniture made on colored perforated sheet.

Photography is by Juan Delgado.

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