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Sculpture by the Sea
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Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea, an exhibition at Sydney’s Tamarama Beach just kicked off yesterday, on October 18, and it will run till November 4, 2012. Established in 1997, it’s the world’s largest free public sculpture exhibition with over 100 sculptures by artists from around the world. Judging from the first photos, it’s a spectacular sight, as a little over one mile of Sydney’s coastline temporarily transforms into an amazing sculpture park.

You’ve just got to love all the photos of the curious pedestrians walking through and around the sculptures.
Of course, the fact that all the sculptures are surrounded by the sand and sea only makes the experience only more incredible.

View by artist Dave Mercer.

Transition by artist Greer Taylor.

Poom by South Korean artist Staccato.

Paper Boats by artist Maurisio Perron.

Kaleidoscope Cube by artist Alex Richie.

The Listrumpet by artist Sue Roberts.

No Return by artist Ken Unsworth.

Mengenang (Memory) by artist Cave Urban.

Chardin’s Table (After the Attributes of Civilian Music) by artist David Horton.

Ghost Net Crocodile by artists Ghost Nets Australia.

Kaleidoscope Cube by artist Alex Ritchie.

Luchkasteel by artist Tom de Munk-Kerkmeer.

Mirador by artists Inava Kuzmanouska and Rachel Cooper.

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