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Scarves and leather goods | Artillerylane
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Scarves and leather goods | Artillerylane

Feel Desain met Artillerylane at Bread and Butter Berlin, an italian brand known for its scarves and leather goods.


Artillerylane’s main objective is to offer a no-compromise, high quality, entirely handmade in Italy product.  Each item is connected to the other by the genuine know-how behind its creation. From the design to the packaging, the product is always our main focus because it is the result of an experience, of a journey, of a rendezvous.  These creation consist of simple yet fundamental ingredients: a new idea, high-quality raw materials, handmade production in Italy and a direct, simple and genuine interaction with the client.

The scarves are created to be worn in a thousand different ways because an accessory has to be unique every time without ever becoming static.

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