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Roberto Capucci | In search of regality
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Roberto Capucci | In search of regality

Roberto Capucci | In search of regality

Roberto Capucci is an Italian fashion designer known for his extravagant and ingeniously constructed outfits. Creating unusual, sculpted dresses in original materials, Capucci bewitched the fashion world and has, since his debut, been featured in shows representing most talented and renowned designers. His work is very avante garde for the times, and still ultra fashionable today. Enjoy!!

The show is a dazzling display of 50 dresses created since the ‘50s by the legendary fashion designer Capucci for queens, movie stars and dames of high society.

Capucci is unparalleled in his ability to represent regality through creations that are genuine “sculpture dresses”, presented here along with sketches, photos, videos and anecdotes on particular moments in time and the celebrities that actually wore such masterpieces.

The splendor and solemnity of Capucci’s creations graced the silhouettes of, among others, the princesses of the Borghese, Odescalchi and Colonna families, actresses Valentina Cortese and Silvana Mangano, the opera singer Raina Kabajvanska, international stars like Marilyn Monroe, Esther Williams and the Nobel prize winner for Medicine Rita Levi Montalcini:  their dresses punctuate a fascinating journey through fashion and luxury in the second half of the 20th century that reflected the creative genius of one of the world’s greatest fashion designers.

VENARIA REALE Exhibitions 23/03/2013 – 08/09/2013

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roberto capucci creations1

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