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Fashion meets Nature | Liliya Hudyakova
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Fashion meets Nature | Liliya Hudyakova

This series of diptychs is by Liliya Hudyakova, an artist who loves to compare haute couture fashion to scenes from nature. As you can see, Hudyakova takes a look from high fashion runways, and then matches it to incredible landscapes and weather conditions. In many cases, it’s hard to believe that the designers weren’t looking at these very images when they were designing the clothes paired with them. If you like these pictures, you can also follow Liliya Hudyakova on Instagram.

FashionNature_feeldesain_01 FashionNature_feeldesain_02 FashionNature_feeldesain_03 FashionNature_feeldesain_04 FashionNature_feeldesain_05 FashionNature_feeldesain_06 FashionNature_feeldesain_07 FashionNature_feeldesain_08 FashionNature_feeldesain_09 FashionNature_feeldesain_10 FashionNature_feeldesain_11 FashionNature_feeldesain_12 FashionNature_feeldesain_13 FashionNature_feeldesain_14 FashionNature_feeldesain_15 FashionNature_feeldesain_16 FashionNature_feeldesain_17 FashionNature_feeldesain_18 FashionNature_feeldesain_19 FashionNature_feeldesain_20 FashionNature_feeldesain_21 FashionNature_feeldesain_22 FashionNature_feeldesain_23 FashionNature_feeldesain_24 FashionNature_feeldesain_25

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