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New Perception Between Human And Nature By Antonio Guerra
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New Perception Between Human And Nature By Antonio Guerra

Spanish photographer and visual artist Antonio Guerra explores the tension between human and nature in his conceptual series titled ‘Ver de Acción’.

To create this work, the Madrid-based artist created photo sculptures and installations from materials found in nature and then photographed the result. Sometimes, the process was reversed: he might first document the landscape on camera, and then experiment with an installation of said landscape; reinterpreting its form and afterwards photographing the creation.

That his technique appears difficult to follow is precisely the point; through concepts like illusion, transformation, reality, and artificiality, Guerra aims to challenge the way we perceive our relationship with the environment.

Ver de Acción’ highlights the misconception that nature has the capacity to withstand humankind’s presence: “I pretend to question the landscape as an ideological construction”, Guerra explains, and “look for an approach to nature [with] concern about our human actions”. By staging interventions upon the landscape, ‘Ver de Acción’ exists to “To show this constant abuse”, says Guerra.

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