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Road test: the Handleband Bike Mount
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Road test: the Handleband Bike Mount

Here at Feel Desain, we like cycling and we love technology, so of course we were thrilled when Photojojo sent us the Handeband Bike Mount to road test. The handleband is essentially a little rubbery accessory to attach to your handlebars, which allows you to keep your phone handy while you ride your bike, and lets you access all your phone’s features as you go.


The handleband is pretty easy to put on – the stretchy silicone band first attaches to an aluminium clip to secure it to the handlebars, then the same band goes across the phone and attaches to another aluminium clip on the other side of the base to hold it in place, and the phone is also held in place by the sticky silicone base, so it’s not only the band keeping it secure. The band is stretchy but strong, and almost any phone can fit. The base has been designed to fit on any bike, and it was a bit loose on our thinner model, but still wasn’t going anywhere.


Using the attached phone isn’t tricky if you’re careful with placement. The screen isn’t accessible enough to be sending texts as you ride, but we wouldn’t recommend that in any case. We used a navigation app, and it’s definitely a nice idea to have your directions right in front of you.


If you’re a keen cyclist, you might want to film your favourite paths. We took the gadget for a spin around the city centre to see what the results would be like, finding that it’s a great way to keep your camera steady as you go along, but again, be careful with placement, as you don’t want to adjust angles as you ride through the traffic!


All in all, the handleband is a nice accessory for keen cyclists who want to preserve their cycling memories, or for those who need to find their way from A to B without having to stop to take their phone out of their pocket, but could just as easily be used as a way of having your music close by, or to keep your phone handy for those phonecalls that just can’t wait. Definitely a fun and thoughtful gift for someone who likes to cycle, either in the city or the country. You can buy the Handleband Bike Mount here for $20, or check out Photojojo’s other products on their site.






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