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Honey directly from the beehive | Flow
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Honey directly from the beehive | Flow

Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo is this interesting Australian invention. Traditionally, obtaining honey from a hive is a long and fairly complex process, which can result in more than a couple of stings, and a few squished bees if you’re not lucky. Father and son Stuart and Cedar Anderson knew there must be a better way, and have been researching and working on a great solution for the last decade. Flow is a system which takes honey straight from the hive, and pours it out of a spout, meaning that collecting the natural sweetener is less difficult both for beekeepers and kinder and safer for their bees, and beekeepers who’ve tested it seem to unanimously agree that it works fantastically. You can find out more about how the process works on Flow’s website, and go to the Flow Indiegogo page if you’d like to support the project.

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