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Reinvigorating Wroclaw’s Riverside
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Reinvigorating Wroclaw’s Riverside

Collaborative duo No Studio, comprised of Polish artists Magda Szwajcowska and Michal Majewski, have placed several architectural interventions in their native city of Wrocław in an attempt to repopulate an area that has become forgotten about and neglected. The project fits site-specific chairs onto concrete stairs that lead to the city’s river, bright blue furniture that also acts as loveseat sunbeds for passersby. The pieces are installed as a part of the DOFA 2016 Lowersilesian Festival of Architecture, which is comprised of works around this year’s slogan of “Spaces for Beauty.”

NoStudio_01 NoStudio_02 NoStudio_03 NoStudio_04 NoStudio_05 NoStudio_06 NoStudio_07

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