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Modern Billionaires on Dollar Bills
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Modern Billionaires on Dollar Bills

Artist Renders Modern Billionaires on Different Hundred Dollar Bills

As part of an ad campaign for the Swiss online bank, Swissquote, Georgian artist Tatiana Trikoz has reimagined different hundred dollar bills with our generation’s billionaires. Encompassed under the tagline “A new era for your finances,” the artist has reimagined Mark Zuckerberg in place of Benjamin Franklin on the U.S. bill, Richard Branson in place of Queen Elizabeth II on the 100 pound note and Elon Musk in place of Alberto Giacomette on the Swiss Franc.

tatiana-trikoz-envisions-millionaires-money-feeldesain-01 tatiana-trikoz-envisions-millionaires-money-feeldesain-02 tatiana-trikoz-envisions-millionaires-money-feeldesain-03 tatiana-trikoz-envisions-millionaires-money-feeldesain-04 tatiana-trikoz-envisions-millionaires-money-feeldesain-05 tatiana-trikoz-envisions-millionaires-money-feeldesain-06 tatiana-trikoz-envisions-millionaires-money-feeldesain-07 tatiana-trikoz-envisions-millionaires-money-feeldesain-08 tatiana-trikoz-envisions-millionaires-money-feeldesain-09 tatiana-trikoz-envisions-millionaires-money-feeldesain-010

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