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Realistic animals made from chicken wire | Kendra Haste
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Realistic animals made from chicken wire | Kendra Haste

UK artist Kendra Haste creates these incredibly detailed and realistic animal sculptures using just layers of painted galvanised wire on top of a steel framework. Chicken wire is, according to the Royal College of Art graduate, an overlooked medium which has the potential to suggest contour, volume, weight and lightness, solidity and transparency, making it perfect for accurately representing animals. Her sculptures not only look like the animals they represent, but seem to also portray the animals’ characters and essence, and look very much like they’re just about to move. See more of Kendra’s work in this online gallery, or see a selection of her work in the flesh at the Tower of London, where it will be displayed until 2021.

Animal_Sculptures_feeldesain_01 Animal_Sculptures_feeldesain_02 Animal_Sculptures_feeldesain_03 Animal_Sculptures_feeldesain_04 Animal_Sculptures_feeldesain_05 Animal_Sculptures_feeldesain_06 Animal_Sculptures_feeldesain_07 Animal_Sculptures_feeldesain_08 Animal_Sculptures_feeldesain_09 Animal_Sculptures_feeldesain_10 Animal_Sculptures_feeldesain_11 Animal_Sculptures_feeldesain_12 Animal_Sculptures_feeldesain_13

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