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Pugs in Fancy Dress
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Pugs in Fancy Dress

This is one of the hilarious outfits modelled by a trio of pugs who have been transformed into hobbits, rock stars and even ROYALTY.Owner Phillip Lauer, 57, said: “They are the family photos that we put up on our walls just like other people do of their kids.”Yes, it’s a lot of time and effort but we have a lot of great memories and photos to share. It puts a smile on our faces, too.” Phillip and his wife Sue have been transforming their dogs Blue, Bono and Roxy, for the past six years.

feeldesain Pugs-in-Fancy-Dress_1

feeldesain Pugs-in-Fancy-Dress-1

feeldesain Pugs-in-Fancy-Dress-2

feeldesain Pugs-in-Fancy-Dress-3

feeldesain Pugs-in-Fancy-Dress-4

feeldesain Pugs-in-Fancy-Dress-5

feeldesain Pugs-in-Fancy-Dress-6

feeldesain Pugs-in-Fancy-Dress-7

feeldesain Pugs-in-Fancy-Dress-8

feeldesain Pugs-in-Fancy-Dress

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