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Pressed leaf illustrations | Helen Ahpornsiri
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Pressed leaf illustrations | Helen Ahpornsiri

Helen Ahpornsiri studied illustration at university and now works on a variety of creative projects, including these amazing creatures which are made up of hundreds of pieces of pressed fern. Her designs are beautiful and look almost like patterns on fabric, and feature lots of insects and other creatures all carefully recreated from dried leaves. Even more impressively, many of her designs are absolutely tiny, which must require a lot of concentration and hard work! You can buy prints of her work on her Etsy store, or for regular doses of these lovely illustrations, follow the artist on Instagram.

TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_01 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_02 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_03 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_04 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_05 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_06 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_07 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_08 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_09 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_10 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_11 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_12 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_13 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_14 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_15 TinyLeafIllustration_feeldesain_16

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