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Prepd Pack | Chris Place and Will Matters
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Prepd Pack | Chris Place and Will Matters

Healthy living is big business, and all sorts of new ways to make it easier to live healthily seem to be cropping up at the moment. The latest to gain traction on Kickstarter is called Prepd. Prepd is a smart looking lunchbox which, when paired with a nutritionist-endorsed app, helps you to plan, shop for, make and pack your lunches according to your personal diet and goals. The lunchbox comes with a range of plastic containers to store your lunch and snacks for your day at the office, and these also help with portion control. The design of the box is neat, with a wooden exterior and metallic cutlery, and the app design is just as visually attractive. The designers hope that Prepd will help people to save money and time, while sticking to a healthy eating program. To support the project for yourself, visit the Prepd Pack Kickstarter page.


Images: Prepd via Kickstarter

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