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Predictables | Dor Tal
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Predictables | Dor Tal

“From the dawn of Humanity, man has been trying to predict the future. From the motion of the stars to modern meteorology, man has been searching for patterns that might indicate what is to come. The Project asks to present a fresh interpretation for man’s historic search for the future — interactive watches that display prospective events and developments in one’s different spheres of life such as career, romantic relationships, friendships and more.
The App uses an algorithm that searches for patterns, frameworks and links in the torrent of information that one generates though one’s everyday interaction with the surrounding digital world. When the device upon which the App is installed identifies a prospective event, it calculates and presents a recommended action for the user to take in order to cope with the said future event in the best possible manner.
The user interacts with the App via specially designed projectors, which use existing everyday platforms — from flat walls to one’s palm — to present the future.” – Dor Design








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