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Point of View | Fabio D’Altilia
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Point of View | Fabio D’Altilia

Italian artist Fabio D’Altilia, who also just happens to be the head of art in an international advertising agency, just sent us this clever set of illustrations. Inspired by Gestalt psychology, he’s created a fun set that will make you look twice at each image. In particular, D’Altilia addresses multistable perception, which is the tendency for us to go back and forth between two or more interpretations. As seen in the Rubin’s vase, our eyes seem to want to conjure up one image and we must all concentrate just a little bit harder to see the other one.

Top Hat or Bucket?

Woman or Face?

Bowling or Shoes?

Hairstyle or Profile?

Eye or Fish?

Tie or Pen?

Tetris or Pong?

UFO or Zorro?

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