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Point of Sale and Gaming: Industry Tips
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Point of Sale and Gaming: Industry Tips

The gaming industry has become more and more popular amongst a generation of adults who “want to be kids again” and who are continually searching for meaning in life. The average age of a gamer is about 34 years of age; the statistics indicate that there is an obvious trend – video games are not just for kids anymore. With over 67% of all households in the United States partaking in video games or other game related entertainment, businesses have begun to notice. Gaming industries have begun incorporating equipment and sales systems used by large corporations and small businesses alike in order to boost sales, create more financial accuracy, and undertake a more organized record keeping system. What are these systems? Most people refer to them as Point of Sale systems, but they may sometimes be referred to as POS systems for the sake of succinctity. Point of Sale systems work to help retailers, restaurant owners, and business owners of all kinds with the computerized categorization, organization, and generation of crucial information concerning current business data. These systems have been described as “souped up cash registers,” because they have taken the place of traditional cash registers while simultaneously providing a unique set of “bells and whistles” that may help in the organization of businesses as a whole. Those who are currently in the gaming industry may greatly benefit from reading the information below to learn more about Point of Sale systems and their advantageous nature.


Remapping The Industry

Point of Sale systems truly are relandscaping the gaming industry. While video games are one of the most well-known platforms among gamers, the research indicatesthat more and more people are becoming involved in mobile gaming (46% of teens), and that dedicated gaming device users fall around the 71% mark. According to Forbes, the future of gaming in the 21st century and beyond will not be strictly based on a limited set of hardware specifications. Instead, gaming platforms will be unique to the user. The good news is that POS systems have made it simple for growing game industries to grow in an organized, successful fashion. In fact, most game industry business owners conclude that POS systems are an absolute essential for successful operation.


Paper to Plastic

The most important reason for the integration of POS systems may be the provided ability to use “plastic” forms of currency, i.e. debit cards and credit cards. Being able to process credit and debit cards is a must, especially since fewer and fewer consumers are carrying cash. Interestingly, the use of POS systems has actually caused an increase in sales because, psychologically, people are willing to spend more when they are using plastic.

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More Profit

Speaking of profit, now seems like an appropriate time to point out one of the most practical uses for Point of Sale systems: an overall increase in generated profit. Every business owner wants to create a steady flow of incoming cash, and POS systems allow owners to do just that by providing a wide variety of tools that serve to “shape up” existing business practices. Businesses using Shopify POS hardware and software boast that “this is what business looks like in the 21st century.” Why do POS systems increase sales? Take a look:

  • •Seamless organization of every aspect within a business.
  • •The generation of very detailed informational reports.
  • •Inventory data categorization.
  • •Price key functions (allow for consistent pricing).
  • •Financial accuracy and the simple tracking of current or past sales.
  • •Obtaining information concerning customer buying patterns.
  • •Obtaining information concerning the goods and services that customers are most interested in.
  • •The projection of the potential financial future of a business based on a current business model.



Another important aspect of POS systems in relation to business success is the emphasis on employer presence, accountability, and community among staff members. Point of Sale systems have many functions that make it simple to create a constant communication stream between employer and employee. Anyone who partakes in business endeavors knows the importance of communication in relationship to success. POS systems even allow business owners and employees to stay connected when they are “away from the shop,” so to speak. Anyone with access can view rate of sales, current employee efficiency, which goods are selling, and who is buying them. This information is incredibly valuable to those who are seeking harmony in the workplace. Who knew that a computerized system could encourage integrity?


Business owners in the gaming industry should pay careful attention to the information presented; POS systems are becoming crucial in order for businesses to “keep up” with competitors. Providing a means for virtual transactions, increased profit, and tighter employer-employee relationship, computerized POS systems give participating businesses a distinct advantage over businesses using traditional “ka-ching” cash registers.


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