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PlugBug for Apple
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PlugBug for Apple

Consolidate chargers with this smart solution from Twelve South.


Apple’s portable devices have become increasingly ubiquitous, with people stockpiling laptops, iPhones and iPods that seem to outnumber the world’s available power outlets. The PlugBug by Twelve South—essentially a splitter for the iPad/iPhone charger to attach to the Macbook plug for a streamlined, two-device charging operation—solves a common shortage conundrum.

Plug_Bug2.jpg Plug_Bug3.jpg

A wall outlet provides a more powerful charge than the computer’s USB, so with the PlugBug your device battery will replenish faster, freeing you from the tether of plugging in and allowing for maximum mobility. PlugBug lets both gadgets charge at maximum capacity simultaneously and, because the design consolidates chargers, you’ll only ever need one plug. No need to charge your Mac? PlugBug can be used on its own as well. It’s a tidy solution to stay organized and powered-up on the go. Available for $35 at Twelve Southonline.

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