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Planetary Parasol | Ombrello Meridiana
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Planetary Parasol | Ombrello Meridiana

Kota Nezu of znug design, inc. has designed a combination parasol, compass and clock that works on the same principle as a sundial.

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concept / details as per the designer:
“The parasol is there to block the sun, but it invites you to look for the sun.” In daily life you don’t pay attention to the sun traveling through the sky, but we wanted to create the moment when you can look up and think upon the dynamic universe. You can play impromptu astronomy with it. Furthermore, you’ll be guarded from the blazing sun or an abrupt shower.

Direct yourself so that ‘N’ of the compass points at yourself, ‘S’ points at ’12’ of the parasol. Then the sun seen through the parasol can tell you the approximate season and time by its position.

The impressive design uniquely uses numbers and curves representing the sun’s career. The red color handle and the compass are appealing. Even men who are unfamiliar with a parasol can enjoy this special one.

Water-repellent & UV processed (97% of UV rays are cut, analyzed by KAKEN Inc.)
Outer rib: 55cm in length; glass fiber
Fabric panel: polyester 65%, cotton 35%
Utility model right: acquired (Japan)
Designed in Japan – Manufactured in China

How to use :

– Hold the parasol horizontally to make the fabric panel end come to your eye level, and look up from the position close to the shaft.
– Adjust your position so that N of the compass points at you and S points at 12 of the parasol.
– The vertical lines and numbers indicate hours; horizontal lines are the summer solstice, the spring/autumnal equinox and winter solstice from the top to bottom.
– If you see the sun at the point in the figure, it means it is approximate 3:00 pm on the summer solstice.

available for purchase here.

Nati come accessori per ripararsi dal sole, perchè all’epoca le persone abbronzate erano quelle che lavoravano la terra, oggi gli ombrelli sono utilizzati solo quando piove. Se volete tornare alle origini c’è un modello con una doppia utilità.

Il Planetary Parasol, oltre a riparare dal sole, permette anche di sapere approssimativamente l’ora. Sul manico c’è una bussola che serve a trovare il Nord. Dando le spalle al Nord e guardando in alto, si vedrà il Sole nel quadrante dell’ora del giorno. Un sistema usato anche dalle meridiane.

Il Planetary Parasol è stato costruito dal designer giapponese Kota Nezu dello studio Znug Design. Si vende su Amazon Giappone per 4.642 ¥, pari a circa 40 €.

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