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Pixel Poster Illustrations
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Pixel Poster Illustrations

Doesn’t everyone miss the original movie series and old school comics and games, well now you can relive the past in a new school way. These posters display characters from current day movies such as Iron Man, Thor and Captain America in vintage pixelation. Created by Mike Myers, this series of prints aren’t his first batch of superhero dedications. Myers’ previous series were vintage illustrations of masked warriors with missing face features. To say the least, Myers definitely has a unique style.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of pixel art, and my interest was re-ignited when I saw the amazing artwork done by Superbrothers and the iOS game Sword & Sworcery,” Myers says. “I decided to start doing some pixel art of my own, and began on working on some pixel representations of some of the comic book superheroes with movies coming out in the near future.” Look out for future vintage illustrations by Myers. Next in the works, Battlestar Galactica pixel people.

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