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Photo Booth Dogs | The Humane Society of Utah
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Photo Booth Dogs | The Humane Society of Utah

In order to show off the fun side of their dogs available for adoption, The Humane Society of Utah asked for photographer Guinevere Shuster’s help. The result is this series of fantastically creative photo booth portraits of each of the dogs, showing off each of their unique personalities in four snapshots. The dogs are all in slightly different positions and poses, and when accompanied by the short description of each pooch on the Humane Society of Utah Facebook page, potential adopters can really understand what these dogs are like.

DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_01 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_02 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_03 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_04 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_05 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_06 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_07 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_08 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_09 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_10 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_11 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_12 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_13 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_14 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_15 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_16 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_17 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_18 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_19 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_20 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_21 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_22 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_23 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_24 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_25 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_26 DogsPhotobooth_feeldesain_27

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