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Passport Doodles | Léonard Combier
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Passport Doodles | Léonard Combier

Léonard Combier is a French illustrator living in Berlin, who is best-known for his inkings on strangers’ passports. If you want to get Combier’s free doodles on your passport, you can make a request on the artist’s Facebook page, but there’s just one rule: it can’t have expired. That’s right – all of these passports are still valid, and have even been used again to travel abroad, even getting compliments from notoriously strict border patrol officers. Combier draws detailed and unique designs on each passport he receives, using existing features such as visas, stamps, and patterns to enhance his work, and sometimes even squeezes in a provocative message, too. We’re not sure we’d be brave enough to give the illustrator our passports, but we sure love what he can do!






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