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Papercut Illustration | Eiko Ojala
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Papercut Illustration | Eiko Ojala

You may remember the New York paper landscape and the Vertical landscape artworks by Eiko Ojala. This time we want to present you some of his paper crafted editorial illustrations created for different magazines. The Tallinn (Estonia) based graphic designer and illustrator uses different colored papers, which he cuts skillfully to create stunning layered effects. In this way, he develops an incredibly vivid impression of different shapes and shadows. Below you can find some of his editorial papercraft illustrations.


Paper_illustration_feeldesain_16 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_15 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_14 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_13 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_12 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_11 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_10 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_09 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_08 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_07 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_05 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_04 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_03 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_02 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_01 Paper_illustration_feeldesain_00




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