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Paper Origami Rainbows
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Paper Origami Rainbows

We have seen a lot of amazing paper artists recently and, in the past few months, we have also been inspired by many street artists around the world. Now, French artist Mademoiselle Maurice combines those two art forms into this unique rainbow origami street art. In these urban installations, Miss Maurice creates fantastic collections of geometric origami shapes and places them in patterns along the streets of Paris.

The bright colors and prominent placement along city streets make these works highly visible and not easy to ignore. The artist’s intentional prominent placement challenges viewers to reflect upon the installations and to become more aware of their interactions with the environment.

She says, “I like to imagine, during the manufacturing of these origami, that each fold is a reflection of a people or even an individual, and I like to make connections between these imaginary, positive individuals. This art can be seen as a human network through the solidarity of all of these accumulations of paper.”

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