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Overlap Rome: past & present
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Overlap Rome: past & present

The still Untitled project comes from artist Kowalski personal need to change the world, to show how the city of Rome has changed over the decades and how it’s grown into an incredibly busy and complex metropolis. Each image consists of 3 to 5 photographs taken at different times and representing different architectural periods. Put together, they fall into places, dance with each other in an unexpectedly symbiotic way, co-existing in the mosaic of shapes and colors, symbolizing strength, diversification and synergy of the Rome as we know it today.

Overlap Rome Feeldesain09 Overlap Rome Feeldesain02

Overlap Rome Feeldesain03

Overlap Rome Feeldesain04

Overlap Rome Feeldesain05

Overlap Rome Feeldesain06

Overlap Rome Feeldesain07

Overlap Rome Feeldesain08

Overlap Rome Feeldesain01

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