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Nordic Graphic Design | Tor Weibull
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Nordic Graphic Design | Tor Weibull

Have you ever come across Tor Weibull? If not, let us introduce you. He’s an up and coming Swedish designer studying at HDK in Gothenburg. He’s recently won a Nordic Creative Talent Award and has a fun yet simple signature style. Tor is interested in typography, graphics and illustration, and we love his work. Check some of it out below, and visit the designer’s website to see more.


Images and video: Tor Weibull

TorWeibull_feeldesain_01 TorWeibull_feeldesain_02 TorWeibull_feeldesain_03 TorWeibull_feeldesain_04 TorWeibull_feeldesain_05 TorWeibull_feeldesain_06 TorWeibull_feeldesain_07 TorWeibull_feeldesain_08 TorWeibull_feeldesain_09

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