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No Walks Today
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No Walks Today

Tamara Kenneally set out to depict the lonely, isolated lives of dogs left in backyards, never taken for walks, never let inside the house, left to endure the freezing cold of winter, and the sweltering heat of summer.

This ever evolving series of photographs is a touching tribute to the dogs that Tamara knows personally (albeit only through the fence). Some are bought as guard dogs, some are bought purely as breeding machines, others are bought as puppies who grow up to be ‘not quite as cute anymore,’ and therefore living a life of boredom and neglect in the backyard.

So why do so many people get dogs, just to keep them isolated in backyards? We know they have feelings, emotions, needs and wants. We know they love attention. We know they love to stretch their legs, sniff trees and play with other dogs. They get bored and lonely, just like we do. Exercise, socialisation, entertainment and love is important for their well-being… just like us humans!!

Treat your animals right. It’s your responsibility. They have no voice, they can’t tell you what they need and want. Take your pet out for regular walks, let them play with other dogs (a dog beach or park is a great idea), give them bones, let them inside, play with them.

Be kind.

Be loving.

Tamara Kenneally is an award winning, animal based photographic artist situated in Melbourne, Australia. Tamara has a passionate interest in animal behaviour, animal rights and animal welfare which greatly influence her work. She has a degree in Media Arts (fine art photography) and post graduate qualifications in Animal Welfare.
Tamara hopes her audience walk away from her work with a new found respect and compassion for animals.

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