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Nituniyo + Memosesmas’ installation to express themselves
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Nituniyo + Memosesmas’ installation to express themselves

As part of the festival of the Fallas of Valencia, a team formed by Spanish studios Nituniyo and Memosesmas, has designed a sculpture that acts as a blank canvas on which different artists express their ideas, a ‘falla’ with an indefinite shape that seeks to respond to a changing reality.

On the last day of the festival, the monument was burnt along with hundreds of other monuments in the city, consecrating the ephemeral nature of the work.

The sculpture is a giant rectangle with multiple moving tubes, which allow the artists and the visitors of the festival to create their own art pieces. The team has invited three artists to shape the work during the days of the event: architect Miguel Arraiz, designer Carlos Tíscar, and illustrator Luis Demano.

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