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New York Through Reflections
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New York Through Reflections

Photojournalist Jonathan Auch takes pictures around the world, but it’s his images of New York that have really resonated with me. I recognize each of these moments the photographer has captured. The faces may be different, but all native New Yorkers have experienced these moments that we often take for granted. Coming out of a subway station, walking down a busy urban street, being amidst a wide range of cultures, the lights, the ads, the protests, the cops – it’s all part of living in the city that never sleeps. Future generations will look back at photographs like these and refer to it as “old New York.” There is a dated feel to it even though it is the present day.

Auch has even captured the fast-paced lifestyle of the city in his crowded photographs. Almost every image is filled with faces and things to occupy the viewer’s attention. His fascination with photographing reflections in windows adds to the hectic nature of New York, overlapping people and urban landscapes. There is constant action and liveliness. It’s almost as if I can hear the noisy, busy streets… Did I leave my window open?

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