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Neon Muzeum
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Neon Muzeum

Feel Desain recently visited the Neon Muzeum in Warsaw – a unique exhibition dedicated to preserving Poland’s iconic cold war era neon signs. The museum came about in 2005 when it started displaying images of neon signs, then moving on to focus on the restoration and display of the real thing. There are now over 50 neons and 500 letterforms, many of which were created during the 60s and 70s by renowned artists and graphic designers but had fallen into disrepair since then. The collection is always growing thanks to the owners’ enthusiasm and desire to protect this special part of Polish culture. The private museum, created by David Hill and Ilona Karwinska, is a very popular, permanent exhibition in Soho Factory, Praga, which is known for being a cool and creative area of the city. If you’re ever in Warsaw, you won’t regret making a visit to the Neon Muzeum. Have a look at the photos we took below.

NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_01 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_02 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_03 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_04 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_05 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_06 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_07 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_08 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_09 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_10 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_11 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_12 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_13 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_14 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_15 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_16 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_17 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_18 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_19 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_20 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_21 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_22 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_23 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_24 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_25 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_26 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_27 NeonMuzeum_feeldesain_28

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