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Negative Space Sculpture | Yasuaki Oishi
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Negative Space Sculpture | Yasuaki Oishi

Artist Yasuaki Oishi used translucent plastic sheets and black hot glue to create a monumental sculpture that looks as if it’s floating in space. The artist created a “ghost” of cardboard boxes by draping plastic sheeting over a scaffolding of boxes and then dripping thousands of strands of hot black glue from the ceiling so that the sheets stay in place. Called “reverse of volume RG,” the installation uses a process Oishi calls “casting the invisible.”

Viewers are encouraged to enter the gallery and walk inside of it, entering the “cave-like chamber.” The fragile sculpture is currently at Houston’s Rice Gallery until June 24, 2012. Make sure to watch the video, below, to see it come together.

Credit: Yasuaki Onishi, reverse of volume RG, 2012
Commission, Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, Texas
Photo: Nash Baker ©

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