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National Geographic’s Augmented Reality
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National Geographic’s Augmented Reality

National Geographic is having some fun with one of their newest PR stunts. By building an augmented reality set-up, with the help from company Appshaker, visitors at the mall experienced a shocking surprise; they were able to see animals, both alive and extinct, come to life before their very eyes. Not only animals, but also weather systems and even the historic moon walk. This kind of immersive technology is great for learning and you can really see the joy in not only the kids’ faces but also the adults’. Check out the video below to see some of their priceless reactions.

Specializzato nella comunicazione legata alle potenzialità della augmented reality, lo studio londinese Appshaker si è cimentato con una sfida decisamente impegnativa: quella di far interagire migliaia di persone durante un tour dell’Ungheria con le incredibili immagini messe a disposizione dal National Geographic Channel.

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