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‘My second childhood’ is a set of soft beanbags that offers you many positions of self hugging
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‘My second childhood’ designed by Yali Paz is a series of soft beanbags suitable for many positions of hugging. Drawing reference from the natural condition in which the mother protects her baby providing them with a sense of security and warmth — known in psychology as ‘holding’ — the designer sought to reinterpret this feeling offering the user the opportunity for self-holding with personal customization. Through holding and rocking, the user is able to cuddle, relax and disconnect, feeling like a baby once again.

All images courtesy of daniel elkayam
hollding hammock

Yali Paz, the student of the industrial design department in Bezalel Academy, created a set of soft beanbags fitting in size and shape to an adult body. The project’s aim was to generate a sense of security and calm which many adults also need. With the help of a soft shell, recesses, and gentle rocking, the set gives a feeling that simulates parental holding allowing users to return to the feeling of being held and protected.

Adult playground

Project info:

Name: my second childhood
Designer: yali paz
Photographer: daniel elkayam

credits: [designboom]

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