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MONO Glasses | ITUM
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MONO Glasses | ITUM

If you’ve ever had trouble finding glasses to fit you perfectly, Hong Kong brand ITUM could be the answer. These 3D printed specs come in different sizes based on the width of the frame, depth of the nose pad, and length of the temples. The concept was thought up by architect and designer Edmond Wong, who’d always had trouble finding spectacles to fit his above-average sized head. He joined forces with Simon Ling, an optometrist, and the pair came up with MONO. The men behind the company argue that if clothes come in different sizes, glasses should too. The glasses are composed of just one part, with no screws, hinges, bits or pieces, so they’ve been named MONO. The glasses are also super lightweight and offer the option of changing the plastic lenses by simply popping one set out and another in – so you can go from office to beach in no time and without carrying a spare set of sunnies. The five frame styles available are based on classic models; Rectangular, Ful Vue, Rounded, Wayfarer or Aviator, and are available in a variety of colours. Find out more about MONO glasses here.

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