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Mirrored home blends seamlessly into the woodland | Reform
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Mirrored home blends seamlessly into the woodland | Reform

The architects at Polish practice Reform have created this fantastically confusing home just outside Warsaw. The Izabelin House is a single family home which blends into the woodland which surrounds it thanks to mirrored panelling on the ground floor walls, and the upper floor seems to hover above the ground when seen from a distance. The construction has Reform’s signature blocky style, but somehow looks totally at home amongst the trees. The mirrored panels even conceal an area of decking, perfect for entertaining on a summer’s evening.

Mirrored_Home_feeldesain_01 Mirrored_Home_feeldesain_02 Mirrored_Home_feeldesain_03 Mirrored_Home_feeldesain_04 Mirrored_Home_feeldesain_05 Mirrored_Home_feeldesain_06 Mirrored_Home_feeldesain_07 Mirrored_Home_feeldesain_08

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